Quotes Dr. Green is unquestionably the most knowledgeable and inspirational Minister I have ever had the priviledge of hearing. His message touched me as no other has. Thank you and The Baptist Group for being here. Steve E Quotes
Stephen Ellis

Quotes Dr Jack Green is the most impressive preacher I have ever heard. Not only does he have 'the gift', he has a detailed knowledge of languages, which means he can explain and clarify the 'King James' Bible so very well. As sincere, devout and warm people, Dr Jack and his lovely wife Nala are attracting similar folk to this Church. What a contrast to others, which are so strong on fellowship, and so weak on The Word! Quotes
David H

Quotes We were so blessed by our vist to your Group back in June and July, we truly believe God led us there! Your all in our prayers please feel free to contact us with needs, our Church is now praying for your work also, God Bless we love ya all!!!! Quotes
Jim & Julie Damron

Quotes To all the members of THE BAPTIST GROUP, I want to thank you all for your kind and warm fellowship towards me, while I've been attending services with you all. I've felt blessed and welcomed to a good spiritual family here in Chiang Mai. It makes a difference knowing that one can receive the Word as our Lord intended. God bless! Quotes
Berny H.

Quotes An answer to my prayers. Where in Chiang Mai can you actually listen to the Word being taught? The Baptist Group is a breath of fresh air and I thank God for His guidance for helping me find my way home. Quotes
Jim Welch

Quotes What a blessing! It is a profound pleasure to have a place to worship and one that preaches the great doctrines of God's Word. A little bit of home here in Thailand! Quotes
Dan S. 
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