Who is Dr. Jack Green: 

Dr. Green is a native of Colorado, a graduate of several colleges, a Seminary graduate and an author & conference speaker. 

He received his B.A. Degree 1968, M.A 1975, and Doctorate in Theology  1977. 

He has been past president of two seminaries. Dr. Green was president of The Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, USA for 20 years.  

He has pastored churches in Southern  California, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. 

Dr. Green is also included in the Marquis addition of “Who’s Who In Religion”.  

Dr. Green pastored The Landmark Baptist Church of Fort Worth, Texas for 27 years before resigning to 

begin an English speaking Baptist Church in Chiang Mai. There are more then 20,000 English speaking 

people living in Chiang Mai we are told. 

Dr. Green is an avid reader having over 10,000 books in his personal library. His favorite study is the  

Theology of the Puritans and he possesses nearly all their Godly writings. Their influence can be seen in 

his preaching. He believes that much of present day preaching is powerless to meet a sinners need, due in 

part to defective Theology. Dr. Green is a man with a message. Those who have a hunger for God’s word 

do not go away hungry when he preaches. We urge you to come & hear our Pastor. 

(see the testimonials page) 

Visit “The Baptist Group” 

Hear Pastor, Dr. Jack L. Green. 

Every week on this website. 

All Services are in English language. 

Time for Services 

10.00 a.m Bible Study 

11.00 a.m Morning worship & Message 

The Church has a large free literature table and visitors are urged to take what ever they wish. 

There are books and pamphlets on many  Theological & Bible subjects and a free Bible to anyone  

Who desires one.  

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